Revision Skincare

Elemental Aesthetics proudly carries the Revision Skincare line.  For over 25 years, Revision Skincare has used their passion for science to create high-performing skincare products with a purpose. Using only the finest, purest, most effective ingredients, the Revision Skincare collection was to reduce the signs of aging and enhance skin’s appearance.

Revision Skincare products represent the furthest advancements in scientific skincare. The formulations are the result of rigorous research and testing, and manufactured using the highest standards. Revision Skincare products are never tested on animals.

Revision Skincare is serious skincare, providing serious results adding positive effects on people’s lives.

Revision Skincare Products

Nectifirm is formulated specifically for firming the neck and décolletage, nectifirm was recently featured in harper’s bazaar.

96% of patients experienced a firmer neck with Nectifirm®. This best-selling neck cream contains plant extracts, antioxidants and unique biotechnological blends that work cohesively to create a smoother, firmer, younger-looking neck.

  • Helps the skin appear more firm and lifted
  • Reduces the appearance of rough, crepey skin
  • Lessens the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Intellishade is an anti-aging tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. original or matte finish.

Outsmart the signs of aging® with this best-selling tinted moisturizer that gives skin a touch of sheer, healthy color. Formulated with an advanced peptide and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it’s the smart way to care for your skin.

  • Moisturizes and blends naturally with the color of your skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Matte formula contains the latest pore-minimizing technology
  • Fights photodamage which causes premature aging

A new pathway to younger-looking eyes

D·E·J eye cream™ provides intense moisturization for smoother skin texture.  Advanced extracts, peptides and  potent antioxidants work cohesively to create clinically-proven results.

  • 96% of subjects experienced an improvement in the look of fine lines, firmness and overall photodamage*
  • 90% of subjects experienced an improvement in upper eyelid appearance*
  • 96% of subjects experienced an improvement in skin elasticity*

A new pathway to younger-looking skin

D·E·J face cream™ approaches aging skin in a comprehensive new way. The product contains a proprietary ceramide blend, specialized herbal extracts and a unique peptide combination for proven anti-aging results.

•    97% of subjects showed an improvement in smoothness, brightness and wrinkles.*
•    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
•    Provides intense moisturization for smoother skin texture

Daily antioxidant for brighter skin with thd ascorbate

These Vitamin C lotions are formulated with the newest, highly stabilized form of Vitamin C for healthy, radiant skin. The 30% formula contains one of the strongest concentrations of Vitamin C available.

  • Contains THD Ascorbate, a very powerful form of Vitamin C
  • Brightens dull skin
  • Provides a full line-up of antioxidants, including Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Includes the latest stabilization and delivery technologies
  • Moisturizes and conditions skin with naturally derived Squalane

For reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

This breakthrough serum is formulated with high levels of pure, time-released Retinol and a blend of antioxidants.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens, plumps and smooth’s skin’s texture
  • Contains time-released Retinol for maximum efficacy with minimal irritation
  • Boosts skin’s hydration level to help combat the dryness associated with Retinol

Results of a clinical study showed 100% of subjects experienced an improvement in the appearance of fine lines.*

Who benefits – Mature and oily skin types.

Formulated for – all skin types

This product may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Sunscreen is recommended when using this product.

*Retinol Complete™ used once daily in P.M. in combination with Vitamin C Lotion 30% used once daily in A.M. Data on file. Results may vary.

Revision Skincare in the News

“In today’s hyperconnected world, where the average person stares at a mobile device for nearly three hours a day, there’s a new wrinkle: Looking down at your phone or iPad may be contributing to more lines and skin laxity, what some doctors have dubbed ‘tech neck.’ To tighten slack neck skin, ‘look for products containing peptides,’ suggests dermatologist Rachel Nazarian”

“Voted Best Vitamin C Product. This nonirritating Vitamin C Lotion claims to do it all; brighten dull skin, moisturize, fade [the apperance of] discoloration and lines and wrinkles.”

SPF With Benefits  Revision Skincare Intellishade® Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 Tinted Moisturizer:  If you have time to apply only one product before rushing out the door, this is it. A beauty editor favorite, this multitasking wonder bundles powerful sun protection, anti-aging ingredients (peptides, antioxidants, and botanicals), and tinted moisturizer in one easy package that not only helps fake the appearance of a good night’s rest but also “fades brown spots and minimizes pores over time,” says Lupo.”

“The Smart Traveler. Planes and trains will no longer leave your skin wanting: D.E.J face cream™ from Revision Skincare contains a proprietary ceramide blend, special herbs, and a unique peptide combination, perfect for restoring balance and moisure. It’s TSA friendly and only available through your dermatologist, [plastic surgeon, or medical spa]. “

About Elemental Aesthetics Revision Skincare Line

At Elemental Aesthetics, we only sell 100% authentic Revision Skincare.  If you are looking fora high quality, physician skincare in Tempe, AZ or the Phoenix area contact us for a free consultation. (480) 659-1390.